Modeling Excellence

One definition of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is “the study of excellence.” It is said that we can model any human behavior by mastering the beliefs, the physiology and the

5 Tips to Set and Attain Your Goals

What are you hoping to achieve in the next six months? In the next year? Are you aware that if you’re not very specific about your goals, you are less

Discover Relief From Anxiety Through Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching

Jayne Goldman, MBA, C.Ht., one of Los Angeles’ leading Hypnotherapists and NLP Coaches, discusses how simple techniques can transform lives, particularly during times of heightened anxiety. LOS ANGELES, April 8,

What is NLP and how can it help me?

In the 1970’s Richard Bandler and John Grindler co-created Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a methodology to understand and change human behavior patterns. Various therapeutic techniques arose out of their work. Their theory was

A Real-Life Illustration of How Time Line Therapy® Works

A good NLP Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner enable clients to really “get” that it is their own interpretation of the events of their life that creates their current
Los Angeles Claustrophobia Disorder Hypnotherapy Jayne Goldman Client Review Ginger

Client Testimonial March 9th 2017

This woman’s extreme claustrophobia and fear of riding in elevators was compounded by grief when her 21-year-old son died. Feeling at her wit’s end, she sought out Hypnotherapy and NLP

History of Hypnosis Video

Revealing and fascinating documentary on the roots of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, starting with Franz Anton Mesmer in the 18th century. Includes great illustrations and historic hypnosis photos. Produced by HMI’s
Los Angeles Anxiety Disorder Hypnosis, Jayne Goldman Client Review Jay

Client Testimonial January 28th 2017

A 45-year-old man suffering from life-long anxiety came to Jayne Goldman seeking relief.  He had seen a psychotherapist weekly for a 15-year period, had taken strong medications and still did
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