When people sign up for a hypnotherapy and NLP coaching session with me, of course, there is a great deal of curiosity. After all, hypnosis is still considered alternative medicine in the United States, regardless of how effective it may be.

I think the 3 main ingredients that make my hypnosis sessions effective involve 1) Identifying your sources of emotional pain, 2) Helping you to draw this up to the surface and 3) Guiding you in releasing them. 

Some people have repressed their emotions for so long that they are completely unaware that the pain still lives within them.

That makes a lot of sense when you consider that the purpose of the subconscious mind is to prevent us from feeling emotional pain. In fact, if we push it down far enough, it enters into our bodies and makes us sick.


#1 Identifying Your Sources of Emotional Pain

I am trained to look for your “pain.” For example, in our conversation, you may be talking about your father and then you abruptly switch to talk about your mother. This tells me there is some pain in the conversation about your father, so I will draw you right back in. 

It would be evident to me that this is an emotional wound that has not healed… and like a physical wound if we don’t open that wound quickly and draw out the toxins, it will never really heal properly.


#2 Helping You Draw Pain Up To the Surface

I gently guide you in surfacing what was painful about the experience. Sometimes, just in doing this, it doesn’t feel that painful anymore and new realizations come to light that begins the healing process. 

If you never reveal the pain, we don’t know what to release. So, we’re looking for sources and root causes of it and your interpretations of the experience. It’s all an interpretation because there’s nothing that really exists… except in our minds.


#3 Guiding You In Releasing the Pain

As a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach, I use a very effective NLP therapy technique called Time Line Therapy.  During this therapeutic process, I guide you in viewing your life from the objective-observer vantage point. While you imagine floating above the events of your life going into childhood, those that were big triggers in creating negative emotions for you are seen from a detached, non-emotional adult perspective where new empowering interpretations are derived. All of these new lessons are reinforced in a deeper hypnosis session, where I leave you with the MP3 recording to continue to reinforce the positive suggestions to make them stronger. 


Always feel free to reach out if you want to know more or want to discuss your life in a complimentary and confidential phone consultation. 

Jayne Goldman, MBA, C.Ht., Founder and Principal of Best Life Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master NLP Practitioner and Coach. 


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