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improve relationships Los Angeles hypnosis Understanding the dynamics of your relationships is crucial. The first thing people should understand about relationships is that opposites attract. This means that a demonstrative, touchy-feeling person is oftentimes attracted to someone more cerebral and less expressive. They simply complement one another; one may desire to be the center of attention, while the other is perfectly content to allow his or her partner to have the limelight. The “honeymoon” phase of the relationship is great, but then the day-to-day living takes over.

The more physical, expressive person in the relationship may desire more frequent sex, and to this person… sex may equal love. While the non-expressive person may love the other equally, sex may not be high on the priority list and perhaps that person is more concerned with financial security. The more physical person may interpret the lack of frequent sexual activity as a sign that their partner is losing interest and can feel rejected. The less expressive partner may feel the demands by their physical partner are too great and tensions may arise on both sides.

The truth is, the less physical person tends to show love in other ways and may demonstrate their devotion to their mate by things that they do for them. For example, your partner may wash your car for you or cook your favorite meal. To that person, it is obvious to them that they are saying “I love you” loud and clear… but that may not be obvious to the partner who craves physical affection instead of the clean car.

Frustration and misunderstandings occur when each has an interpretation of how the other should behave. If we can remove the filter through which we view the world and take on the perspective of the person with whom we are in a relationship, a positive shift typically starts to occur. Real communication and understanding is now possible, enabling a loving compromise to be reached whereby each partner gets what they need to continue a strong and healthy union.

I will work with you to:

  • Free yourself from emotions associated with past failed relationships and unhealthy relationship patterns.
  • Transform negative emotions into positive ones.
  • Forgive and experience personal transformation.
  • Overcome obstacles created by painful experiences.
  • Identify how to create the relationships you desire by using the power of your mind.

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