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Jayne Goldman Los Angeles NLP Coaching If you feel “stuck” in your life, or feel you’re not living life to the fullest… NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy can be the answer.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Neuro is brain process.  Linguistics is language and Programming is the subconscious programming that occurs with continual language.  If you stop to listen for a moment to the conversation in your head, particularly at times when you’re feeling some negative emotion like anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt… listen to the words in your head and you may find that you are driving those feelings with whatever you’re telling yourself.

So, how do you switch that conversation to one of empowerment?

Something that sets my practice apart from other Hypnotherapists is the fact that I utilize a combination of both NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy techniques to ensure my clients remove and release the root cause of their issue.

Let me give you an example of why this is so important.  The other day a client came to see me for Fear of Flying. It wasn’t long before we discovered that she also had some recent anxiety about driving, as well as a few panic attacks at work.  If I had just treated her just for Fear of Flying, she probably would have gotten on a plane with no problem, but she still would have had generalized anxiety.  So, I don’t just treat the symptoms… we go right for the root cause.

My goal is to guide my clients in understanding that we can’t change history and have a physical “do-over”… But, we can have a cognitive and emotional “do-over” that will set you free of the past.  You can create a NEW meaning out of that event that empowers you today.

I specialize in guiding my clients through a 4-Hour Power Breakthrough session to release whatever has been holding them back.  All of your breakthroughs are reinforced in hypnosis and I give you an audio recording of the hypnosis portion of your session so you can continue to reinforce all the positive suggestions in the comfort of your own home… anytime you like.

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Real Client Testimonials

“It’s only been a week since I first met with Jayne for my first session and all my expectations have been blown out of the water. I’m literally shocked at the change I feel and the overwhelming excitement i have for my new life! Jayne is such a classy lady, a true professional, and I trust her 100%!!!

My advice: If you’re searching for a hypnotherapist, make sure they are at least 1. Certified, 2. Certified in Time-Line Therapy, and 3. A Master level NLP. Jayne is all this and more.

I went to Jayne for hypnotherapy but it was the combination of all these disciplines, the time-line therapy, reinforced with hypnotherapy and NLP that was the real key for me.

Also, your first session with Jayne is 4 hours! It sounds long but it flies by. I honestly do not believe you can have an impactful change in less time and i wouldn’t waste my time with a therapist that doesn’t operate this way. Do yourself a favor and go see Jayne, she’s the best!”

– Doug H, La Verne

I initially went to see Jayne to help me with my anxiety during flights, but I was also struggling with life in general. I was “stuck.” I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for several years and just felt like nothing would make me feel better and pull me out of what seemed like a constant low.

After my first visit, I had immediate results. Specifically with my flight anxiety, I traveled for business only a few days later and my anxiety was gone. I’ve continued to see Jayne and we’ve been working on getting me “unstuck.” Previously I was unable to motivate myself to do things that I actually really wanted to do, like projects at home and activities that I once loved, like drawing and painting. Now I’m more confident, being productive, getting things done and I’ve started drawing again. I’ve released so many limiting beliefs and emotions that I was holding on to that were making me miserable. Jayne has really helped me.

If you’re feeling “stuck” in any way, have an open mind and make an appointment to speak with Jayne. Timeline therapy, EFT tapping and hypnotherapy works!

– Melissa L, El Segundo

Disclaimer: Results of treatment may vary

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