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We have all experienced fear from time to time, but for some, the fear or phobia may place severe limitations on your quality of life, resulting in depression, anxiety and feelings of helplessness. Whether it is an uncontrollable fear of crowds, heights, water, airplanes or public speaking – Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome these and live a life where you are in control.

Fear is an important emotion; without it, our ancestors would not have survived and we wouldn’t be here now. It kept us from being eaten by saber tooth tigers in caveman days and today, it keeps us alert when walking dark streets alone at night. A healthy dose of it keeps us safe; unhealthy fears keep us in a self-imposed prison cell.

We will work together first to uncover and understand the source of your fear. Then we work with your subconscious mind to create deep feelings of relaxation. Fear and relaxation cannot mutually exist, so through various hypnotic techniques, your specific fear is replaced with the feelings of relaxation and well being. This method of “reprogramming” the subconscious mind to respond differently to the stimulus is safe, effective and has been clinically proven to eliminate chronic fears and phobias… forever.

Video: Client Testimonial

Video: Fears and Phobias

Real Client Testimonials

“There are many Hypnotherapist out here in L.A. Jayne is the best!!! She assisted me in ridding myself of emotional baggage and trauma I’ve carried for over 45 years. Gone!!! She also helped me with her knowledge on visualization of time line journey and helped me get over my fear of speaking in public in front of groups. Jayne’s sweet and compassionate demeanor is only matched by her skills to help others reach their goals and desires. If only there were more than five stars to give her.!!!!!!”

– Dianne, Los Angeles

I was in search of some answers and have never really found typical “talk” therapy very helpful – in the long term. I was feeling stuck in my life; lacking career direction, motivation and was feeling frustrated with myself. I found Jayne on yelp and decided to give hypnotherapy a try. After two very productive sessions with her, I was able to release a long-held belief that I didn’t realize was holding me back and now have so much more clarity and direction in my life. She’s intuitive and very skilled at what she does. I highly recommend this process for anyone who’s ready for change to happen – quickly.

– N.L., Santa Monica

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