Past Life Regression

Is it real or imagined?

As long as it helps you to resolve issues in your life today, it doesn’t matter.

past life regression Los AngelesMany people believe that they have lived in past lives. Unless you go into a Past Life Regression and speak a language you don’t consciously know or accurately describe a place where you have never been, it is difficult to prove or disprove it. However, after experiencing this safe and effective therapeutic technique, anyone can realize that whether real or imagined, this process helps the subconscious mind to release limiting emotions and beliefs.

Our subconscious minds are powerful. In fact, studies prove that at least 88% of everything we do and think comes from our subconscious mind. Past Life Regression is an effective and safe therapeutic technique to enable us to surface what’s in there and to let go of emotions and beliefs that are limiting us right now.

You can view a life in which you may have lived as though you are watching a movie on a big screen, or you can actually feel yourself in that life… you’ll know which is right for you. Your subconscious mind will do all the work for you and you will come back to this life feeling renewed and relieved, with answers to many questions that may have been holding you back.

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