Releasing The Past

I can help you to release your past and move on

releasing the past hypnosis los anagelesMany people spend their lives being haunted by past negative experiences instead of enjoying their lives today. Dwelling on the past with negative emotions like guilt and regret prevents us from feeling joy in the moment and can distract us in our jobs, relationships, etc. Over time, this can lead to feelings of helplessness and despair. The conscious mind knows that there is no percentage in this. So, why won’t the subconscious mind let go?

The answer can be both complex and simple. It is a familiar pattern. It is a “known way of being,” which is preferred by the subconscious mind to any “unknown.” There may be secondary benefits of retaining these emotions that are deep beneath the surface. For some, blaming others for something is easier than taking responsibility for one’s own life. The list of reasons can go on forever, but this pattern can be broken with Hypnotherapy and your future may be a great deal brighter than you ever thought possible!

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