Anger Management

I can help you to manage your anger


Anger is a normal human reaction that we have all experienced in our lives. However, if aggression gets you into trouble and destroys your relationships, makes you feel continually agitated or simply consumes and controls you, Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can be very effective treatment. We all know that words spoken in anger are usually regretted and actions prompted by anger will likely prove to be ill-advised. Emotional reactions cloud judgment, obscure the real issue and undermine our innate wisdom. Hypnotherapy enables us to explore the root cause of the anger, find closure on unresolved emotional conflicts and provide coping techniques for living a positive healthy life.

I will work with you to:

  • Identify and understand the root cause of your anger.
  • Break old patterns that hinder you in life.
  • Resolve conflicts without evoking feelings of stress.
  • Let go of limiting decisions and beliefs that keep you from obtaining successful and nourishing relationships.
  • Transform negative emotions and restrictions into positive feelings.
  • Clear the energy that holds all the negative messages, memories and feelings that prevent you from attracting, keeping, or enjoying the relationships you deserve.

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