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Video: Client Testimonial

It is very common for human beings to have subconscious programs running them that prevent them from achieving their conscious goals. Since these are so buried beneath the surface and are mostly created in childhood, it’s nearly impossible for people to access them on their own and shift them to be aligned with what they want in life. Watch this video to hear how one man explains how Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching techniques helped him to find inner peace and get back on track.

Video: Client Testimonial

It is perfectly normal to experience self-doubt from time to time, but when it becomes consistent, excessive and debilitating, it robs people of their joy in life. Watch this video to see how one woman was able to overcome this destructive cycle and find inner peace and self-love through a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching techniques.

Video: Client Testimonial

Panic attacks can occur at any age, at any time and can create intense anxiety that impacts every area of life. Watch this 21-year-old man talk about his experience with how Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching helped him to release the fear and get his life back on track.

Video: Client Testimonial

Hear from a man who was able to tap into his subconscious mind to release mental blocks and replace them with positive thought patterns. Through the power of Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching techniques, he was able to access answers from within that allowed his authentic confidence to emerge. Watch this video to learn more…

Video: Client Testimonial

A 45-year-old man suffering from life-long anxiety came to Jayne Goldman seeking relief.  He had seen a psychotherapist weekly for a 15-year period, had taken strong medications and still did not see improvement.  Recent events in his life had pushed him to the limit and it was to the point where he felt he could no longer function on a daily basis.  After one 4-hour Power Breakthrough session with Jayne, he experienced such dramatic improvement that he felt compelled to tell his story in this video to help others also find permanent immediate relief through the combination of  NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  Watch his amazing story!

Video: Client Testimonial

This woman’s extreme claustrophobia and fear of riding in elevators was compounded by grief when her 21-year-old son died. Feeling at her wit’s end, she sought out Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching to try to find relief. Watch this video to see the remarkable transformation after just one 4-hour session!

Video: Client Testimonial

This 26-year-old client came to Jayne Goldman of Best Life Hypnotherapy with a general feeling of unhappiness, although she was in a great job and loving relationship.  She also suffered from anxiety and night terrors. Although she knew her issues stemmed from incidents of the past, she did not know how to lay them to rest. Watch this now to learn how NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy enabled her to release the past and see infinite possibilities in her future.

Video: Client Testimonial

Watch this video to see how a 36-year-old woman was able to release anxiety and sustain a positive attitude in her life after a 4-hour Power Breakthrough NLP Coaching session with Jayne Goldman of Best Life Hypnotherapy.

Video: Client Testimonial

Did you know that NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy are incredible tools to overcome anxiety disorders that impact sleep, energy, motivation levels and general outlook on life? Watch this amazing story of how one 4-hour Power Breakthrough Session created lasting positive shifts that transformed one woman’s future…

Video: Client Testimonial

If you seemingly have everything anyone could want in life, but still feel unhappy, you’re not alone. The feeling of being “stuck” or unable to move forward in life is extremely common. Hear from my client how my Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching sessions enabled her to remove the “blinders” so she could see and release the road blocks to her own happiness!

“I recently had to undergo chemo/radiation treatments (latter part of 2014). Jayne’s hypnosis, in two sessions, helped me get through the frightening and tedious parts of treatment, especially her anchoring technique — using my index fingers and thumbs to access the hypnosis suggestions she gave me. This anchoring technique helped to calm me and get through the treatments with a good attitude, so important in reaping the benefits of treatment. Since the mid-1970’s, I have had both effective and “bad” hypnosis sessions with other practitioners. From my experience with both kinds, I can confidently say that Jayne knows her material. I would definitely consult with Jayne again, and highly recommend her.

– R.M., Los Angeles, CA

“My sessions with Jayne have given me a promising and motivating outlook on life. Through her sessions, I was able to unload the burden I have been carrying all my life. I am lighter and feel I am finally moving towards my goal.”

– J.K., Gardena, CA

“I struggled with my confidence when asked to speak in front of a group and found myself feeling overwhelmed and unable to stay on track. After working with Jayne, I experienced a situation where, in the past, I would have been very uncomfortable and this time I had an attitude that I didn’t care what others think of me and was confident in myself. All I can say is, thank you Jayne!!!”

– P.F., Los Angeles, CA

“Jayne helped me to achieve my goals of quitting cigarettes and renewing confidence in myself to be a positive health conscious person. After smoking for a decade, the deadly pastime had consumed much of my life and I couldn’t see my identity outside of the smoke. Through Jayne, she helped me to clearly see what I was doing wasn’t good for my health and reinforced positive coping mechanisms to substitute smoking with better life choices. I truly feel stronger, in my mind and body and incredibly appreciative of Jayne and her services.”

– R.J., Pasadena, CA

“Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I truly appreciate your going above and beyond what is expected. You have done more for me in these two sessions than I was able to do in years.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. So thank you again because you have been just what I needed at such a time as this.

PS ….I love your direct personality! You are the right person to get my on track toward my dreams.”

– S.G., Chicago, IL

“Seriously a life changing experience I found Jayne online in hopes of finding a therapy that would help my anxiety that had taken a toll on my everyday life she was able to provide me guidance and motivation that has allowed me to now live a more positive lifestyle and this is NOT a temporary change this is a change that you will carry for the rest of your life and I highly recommend Jayne if you are looking for a positive change for your everyday life”

– M.M., Los Angeles, CA

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