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Hypnosis has been proven to be an excellent treatment in the relief and reduction of anxiety, regardless of whether it is situational anxiety, such as “test anxiety,” or a perpetual condition. 

While Hypnosis can train the mind to be calm in circumstances that might have previously invoked a panic attack, there is more to the equation than just the mind… In fact, science has proven that anxiety is exacerbated and even created from a diet high in sugar and caffeine, a fact many people never consider. Eating lots of sugar is going to give you sudden peaks and valleys in the amount of glucose in your blood stream. Most people have heard of a “sugar rush” and a “sugar crash.” Symptoms of the crash include fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, excessive sweating (especially at night), poor concentration and forgetfulness, excessive thirst, depression and crying spells, digestive disturbances and blurred vision. Since the brain depends on an even supply of glucose, it is no surprise to find that sugar has been implicated in aggressive behavior, anxiety and depression.

These heightened negative states can wreak havoc on health, relationships and careers and render you powerless. I will work with you, both cognitively and in Hypnosis, to improve your nutritional habits so you are feeding your brain and body what they need to operate at peak performance. At the same time, we will reinforce relaxation techniques and tools that you may employ to bring back a state of calm anytime and anywhere. Results: An all-around improved quality of life.

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Real Client Testimonials

“Seriously a life changing experience I found Jayne online in hopes of finding a therapy that would help my anxiety that had taken a toll on my everyday life she was able to provide me guidance and motivation that has allowed me to now live a more positive lifestyle and this is NOT a temporary change this is a change that you will carry for the rest of your life and I highly recommend Jayne if you are looking for a positive change for your everyday life.”

– Marlen M, Los Angeles

“Thanks to Jayne I was able to figure why I had been carrying a huge weight on my shoulders my whole life!

Jayne is kind and patient and made me feel totally comfortable opening up some doors to the past.

I highly recommend contacting Jayne if you are struggling to feel free from past experiences that might be holding you back from living Your life……

I’ve been to countless therapists that never touched on emotions and events that make me who I am today…like Jayne did!

Thank-you Jayne !”

– Lisa O, Newport Beach

“Hands down the best money I have ever spent on self- care in my life. Jayne is a truly gifted therapist and hypnotist. I am so very grateful that I found her. I am a new woman with my anxieties addressed and eliminated. I only wish I had met her sooner! She is the real deal and I would give her 100 stars if I could!”

– Erica B, Hollywood

“I have suffered from severe anxiety attacks/ panic attacks for more than 4 years, but just 2 months ago, my anxiety attacks got worse to the point I couldn’t drive anymore, go to work anymore, I couldn’t even drive to the corner of the street because I automatically got anxiety. I went from hospitals to psychiatrists trying to take different anxiety pills but the medications will only help me when I got the anxiety attacks but after the effect of the pill went away from my system, I would get anxiety again. My anxiety limited me from my daily activities, I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Then my mom said to try out hypnotherapy, and then I found Jayne and decided to give it a go because I just wanted to go back to my normal life without anxiety. Since the first time I talked to Jane in the phone for consultation, she had this amazing sweet voice, that made you feel comfortable to tell her anything. We talked over the phone and I decided to make an appointment with her.

When I went to go see her for my session, it was life changing. She was extremely nice from the first day I saw her and you just feel so welcomed when you meet her. She was able to go to the root of where and what was causing my anxiety. I was amazed. I felt safe during the whole session, and comfortable, and felt so much peace and relaxation. It also felt like I knew her for years that I was able to talk about my past with her and my life so far. It was amazing.

After the session, I felt light and more free in the inside of my body, I felt as if my past was just a memory and not a nightmare that I repeated in my head for so many years that made me cause my anxiety. The next day after my session, it was incredible. I was able to drive again, I was able to sleep well again, and I didn’t have to take the medication anymore because I didn’t have anxiety anymore!!! It was so much happiness I felt, a happiness that I didn’t have for a long time. I am extremely, extremely happy I found her, she changed my life and I am forever grateful for that positive life changing experience.”

– Judith A., Torrance

“I went to see Jayne because of my generalized anxiety order which was really holding me back in so many ways in life. I had gone through 13 year of regular therapy, which was helpful, but I was still struggling with anxiety. I even went on an SSRI based anti anxiety for 8 years, and while helpful in the beginning, it didn’t really do the trick.

Jayne created a very good space so that I could be vulnerable and speak openly without feeling weird. I was impressed with how passionate she is about her work and truly healing people.

I had incredible reductions in my anxiety after one BreakThrough session with Jayne. Life has become brighter, my excitement for life is back again and I’m just naturally getting out into the world more, because I’m not having panic attacks anymore ­čÖé I’m looking forward to our follow up sessions to peel further layers off the onion. I’m confident I’ll finally be free of this terrible disorder.

So relieved.

Jayne is very talented and she works just as hard as you do. With a 30 minute free phone consultation, you really have nothing to lose and you get to ask pertinent questions and see if she can help. If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression (and a host of other conditions) call her! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Jayne ROCKS!”

– Jamil H, Monterey Park

Disclaimer: Results of treatment may vary

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