Dream Therapy

Dreams are the window to the subconscious mind. Analyzing your dreams is not only fun… but also very revealing and therapeutic!

In early morning dreams, you are venting out emotions you no longer need or want. If you have recurring dreams, there is something “stuck” and you’re not able to release or vent those emotions.
If you have nightmares, there is some fear that is being unleashed in your free-flowing state at night in your dreams. If you can figure out what you are afraid of, it will surface the thoughts and you can work out a resolve. Once resolved, those nightmares will cease to exist.

Watch this video to learn more about how to better understand your dreams. Please reach out to me if you want a copy of the mnemonic tool that I reference in this video to help you to analyze the meaning of your dreams.

Aren’t dreams fascinating??? Analyzing them is more therapeutic than most people would think!


7 Clues to Unlock The Meaning of Your Dreams

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