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There is no reason to live with unhappiness, lack of motivation, anxiety, fears or phobias, pain, extra weight or low self-esteem. Old habits that damage your health and well-being can be erased from your future. Just making that first phone call to me will be the catalyst for everything to follow… the start of a brand new chapter in your life!

There is one condition… You REALLY need to want to change. I only work with people who make a commitment to real transformation in their lives.

I guide my clients on a journey of transformation through a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy techniques. In a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment, my clients effortlessly dig deep within themselves to allow new realizations to come to light. An immediate “shift” in life perspective results and a new empowering subconscious program gets created.

Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching Sessions are available in-person in Los Angeles or via Zoom and phone.

When your subconscious mind can conceive and believe it… Your actions and behaviors automatically follow.

Hypnosis is employed to reinforce new learnings, desired behaviors and emotions. When our subconscious minds can “see” our goals as being attained, the rest is easy. Napoleon Hill said it best with his famous quote – “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

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Real Client Testimonials

  •   Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to have found Jayne. When I went to her I was at such a low point in my life and living... read more

    thumb Kaitlyn G.

      I had about 3 sessions with Jayne and noticed tangible results straight away. My issues revolved around childhood trauma and physical illness (crohns disease) Jayne is a very intuitive as... read more

    thumb George G.

      Jayne is an awesome therapist who will open your eyes to possibilities you previously were not aware of. She is very caring and thoughtful and I was able to have... read more

    thumb George H.
  •   I have had four sessions with Jayne. It's almost magical the way things have changed for the better in my life, and yet I know it's not magic. It's Jayne... read more

    thumb Krysia H.

      Jayne is a warm, caring, intelligent, and personable therapist! After carefully listening to me over a phone consult, we met. I was impressed with Jayne's intelligence, and novel hypnotherapy techniques... read more

    thumb Carola N.

      Update: 1/6/21
    I have been listening to the recordings of the Hypnotherapy sessions she gave me, (you get an MP3 file of when she puts you under).  I listen before I... read more

    thumb John W.
  •   I luckily fell upon Jayne's website after a simple google search while looking for a hypnotherapist for my daughter.  She is 15 and has bitten her nails her entire life... read more

    thumb Rebecca K.

      I went in for 3 sessions with Dr. Goldman. These sessions required a bit of emotional work but the payoff has been enormous. The sessions were transformative and moved me... read more

    thumb Ana I.

      Jayne is a wonderful person who truly cares about her patients. She helped me to deeper understand where my anxieties were stemming from. From the beginning she made me feel... read more

    thumb Miguel V.
  •   I went to Jayne because I was having recurring nightmares for the past 2 years, which were also affecting my family by waking them up with my screaming and thrashing.... read more

    thumb Hope W.

      I was in search of some answers and have never really found typical "talk" therapy very helpful - in the long term.  I was feeling stuck in my life;  lacking... read more

    thumb N. P.

      Where do I begin? I have been studying metaphysics, the laws of the universe, etc. for over 15 years. My life truly reflects my growth. I've been able to accomplish... read more

    thumb Leonard T.

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