Dr. Wayne Dyer’s invaluable recorded audio set, “What Do You Really Want for Your Children?” became an unexpected beacon of wisdom in my life. A cherished gift received a few years into my parenthood journey, it was transformational for me and brought unexpected insights into why I couldn’t seem to appreciate the moment in those days. This meant that I unknowingly was not allowing my children to enjoy it, either! 

This illumination brought both tears of sadness and joy to me simultaneously… Sadness to have been denying my kids the pleasures of life… and joy to know that things would be different moving forward!

Dyer’s words resonated deeply as he articulated the innate joy we’re born with—a joy that colors the world in childhood. I reflected on those carefree days when a simple puddle was an invitation to adventure. We’d leap into them, relishing the splash and laughter, blissfully unaware of our parents’ cautionary tales about illnesses or ruined shoes from wet and cold feet.

Rainbows, once magnificent arcs of wonder, gradually became fleeting distractions. Parents, with their well-meaning guidance, redirected our attention by warning against tardiness and reminding us of life’s responsibilities. The world’s vast playground of exploration seemed to shrink as we adhered to the rules and timelines set by adults.

As a young mother, my journey into the realms of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching reshaped my perspective. These modalities unveiled the subconscious mechanisms governing our behaviors, highlighting how early teachings sculpt our beliefs and actions.

Dyer’s message, once purely parental guidance, now took on a deeper meaning through the lens of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching. It made me aware of the subconscious imprints left by parental teachings, unraveling the layers that stifled our innate wonder.

Through hypnotherapy, I was able to revisit and re-experience the childhood joy that Dyer describes… a joy that had disappeared for me many decades ago. It underscored the importance of unearthing and reevaluating the ingrained beliefs that suffocate our zest for life. 

NLP coaching provided me with a toolbox for reframing my perceptions. It offered strategies to rewrite the narratives engraved in my subconscious mind—a pathway back to that boundless childhood curiosity.

The fusion of Dyer’s timeless wisdom and the therapeutic insights of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching became a roadmap for rediscovering myself. It wasn’t just about embracing childhood joys as a parent; it was about rewiring my own ingrained perceptions to be able to live in the moment again.

Through deliberate efforts guided by these therapeutic practices, I embarked on a journey toward reclaiming that childlike awe. It was a conscious evolution—a return to perceiving rainbows as magnificent marvels and puddles as portals to uncharted adventures.

The  transformative potential of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching became catalysts for a paradigm shift—a rekindling of the pure, unadulterated  joy that defines childhood.

In this convergence of teachings—from Dyer’s poignant guidance to the empowering tools of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching—I found a pathway back to embracing life with the exuberance and wide-eyed wonder of youth.

If you are also looking to experience life through a renewed and radiant lens, please always feel free to reach out. 

Jayne Goldman, MBA, C.Ht., Founder and Principal of Best Life Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master NLP Practitioner and Coach.


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