FREE Hypnosis MP3 Download

This general hypnosis session recording is simply for relaxation. With the benefit of a full consultation, we can discuss the specific issues you want to address and the goals you want to achieve.

During a full Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching session, we would work on releasing any thoughts and emotions that are in the way of you achieving your goals. This will typically lead to many “ah-ha moments” for you or “breakthroughs” that create real permanent positive shifts in your thinking.

The suggestions that are beneficial for your well-being and goal attainment will surface during our consultation time together. The last part of our session is reserved for a deep hypnosis session, where all of the suggestions are reinforced for the maximum impact.

You will receive an MP3 recording of the hypnosis portion of our session so that you can continue to reinforce the positive suggestions at home at your leisure. The more the suggestions are reinforced, the stronger they become.

Please enjoy this download. I welcome your feedback!

To your health and happiness,

Jayne Goldman Los Angeles Hypnotherapist Signature

DISCLAIMER: Do not listen to this audio while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery. Please listen to it in a place where you can relax with no distractions and be safe in the event that you fall asleep.